MIPU AI School

Empowering people through AI

Innovation can only start with education, intended as continuous learning and key skills development for your own growth. For this reason, we organise advanced trainings concerning the opportunities provided by Artificial Intelligence to Industrial world and to Facility Management. We offer in class and online courses, standard and customisable, structured for different purposes and levels.


A unique offer

Teachers with field experience

In their daily work, our teachers apply the technologies explained in class and directly participate in the case studies they share

Years of experience

For more than 10 years we have organised courses, webinars, B2B workshops for companies in the industrial world and facility management field

Learning Materials

All the courses include practical exercises for which texts, solutions and datasets are provided

Real case studies

During the courses we show authentic case studies in several industries, that derive from our direct experience on-site

Learning Platform

Participants can have access to a dedicated software platform to do practical exercises and start to apply what they have learnt

Network of specialists

MIPU Group counts a network of companies and universities at national and international level

Your teachers

You will be coached by people that actually work in the field and who dedicate to the development of sensors and AI software, such as our “Rebecca AI” platform.

Our team is composed of Engineers, Data Scientists, Software Developers.
Each of them will accompany you throughout your training course step by step.